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The traditional approach to Employee Health Benefits doesn’t work.

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  • Companies are paying more than they need to
  • Costs are increasing exponentially
  • Employees don’t appreciate and understand their programs

If you seek to be better tomorrow than you were today, are new to your role, or have a burning issue the traditional approach can’t solve, let us help you.

By leveraging technology, adhering to the principles of Lean Manufacturing and always seeking first to understand before being understood (Stephen Covey), we will ensure your program is cost effective, sustainable and understood and appreciated by your employees.

Our solutions are innovative, workable and proven.

NextGen Benefits specializes with small to mid-sized companies and not-for-profits.

We are in the top 1% of Canadian benefits companies.

Sustainable Canadian Benefits Plans


Eliminate the risk for major increases and ensure employees and their families are taken care of.

Benefits programs to retain and attract employees

Retention and Attraction

Benefits plans that employees will understand and actually appreciate.

Cost effective Canadian benefits plans

Cost Effective

More Effective. More Efficient. Lower Costs. Find waste, eliminate it and maintain value.

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