and Attract

Retain and Attract


When we ask employers
to rate their employees’
appreciation and
understanding of the
program, the most
common response is 6
out of 10.

For a line item that typically costs 5-7% of payroll, and is highly valued by the Canadian workforce, this is a major concern.

So why is this problem so prevalent?

  • Cluttered Marketplace
    • More tools than ever, but few advisors can marry the right solutions to the right company at the right time
    • You need an a team that helps you focus on the most workable solutions that bring the greatest impact
  • A One-Size Fits All Approach
    • There are multiple generations in the workforce with different needs and expectations. When you apply a one-size fits all approach certain employees feel forgotten
    • Cost effective customization promotes higher satisfaction amongst your staff, without increasing costs
  • Lack of Employee Support
    • Employees are often left to fend for themselves or do their own research, leading to confusion, claims issues and a lack of appreciation
    • Put the “employee” back into “employee benefits” by dealing with a company that fully supports them every step of the way

Out of clutter, find
simplicity. From
discord, find
harmony. In the
middle of difficulty
lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

Better decisions yield better plans. We can
help with both.

At NextGen Benefits, we have the knowledge, the
experience, the curiosity and the proprietary solutions to
ensure that your employees fully appreciate
and understand their program now and into the future.