Reward, Retain and Attract Loyal Employees

Roofing Company Canada Benefits
Northern Ontario   |   Founded in 2010   |   Roofing   |   8 employees

General Info:

This established roofing company frequently dealt with the issue of inconsistent employees.

Some staff were the best employees you could imagine. Hard-working, never complaining, rarely late, and always able to find a way to get the job done.

Others just couldn’t hack it. Suddenly they were afraid of heights, the work was too hard, or they were just there for a quick paycheck before they moved to the next town.

The disparity in staff was getting in the way of this companies success.

The owners knew if they could find a way to retain and attract their ideal employees, their companies future was bright.

After discussing internally and with their employees they soon realized a benefit plan could be part of their solution.

Company Challenges:

The challenges this roofing company faced were consistent with other roofing companies and companies in similar industries:

  1. They are in an industry that can have a lot of unexpected challenges that affect the bottom line (i.e. weather, supply costs, etc.) so whatever they provided needed to be cost-effective.
  2. In addition, they were not prepared to deal with large and unexpected cost increases, the benefits costs had to be sustainable.
  3. They only wanted to provide quality employee benefits to the quality of loyal staff, they didn’t want to over-invest.

How NextGen Benefits Helped Them:

Doing right by this client meant following couple adages that the NextGen team lives by: do more with less, keep it simple, and no surprises.

Here’s how we helped:

  1. Did more with less. By focusing only on the benefits that mattered, removing the fat from benefits, we established a plan in their budget that the employees and their families highly valued.
  1. Implemented the proven and workable controls and protection to eliminate the risk for major increases and ensure employees and their families are well protected.
  1. NextGen Benefit advisors designed the program so only employees with proven and reliable track records would qualify for benefits, eliminating the risk of overcompensating poor performers.